Blue + White Nursery

July 6, 2017

I always knew that I wanted to have a blue and white nursery regardless of the gender. Mostly because that's the color scheme our mama used when we were babies (Molly, our brother, and I all used the same nursery), but also because I think it is equally darling for both boys and girls. Having the color palette firmly in mind made it both fun and easy to pick pieces for the room. Our mama was a huge help as she has a great eye when it comes to interiors and I love how everything came together...the room feels fresh but also sweet and nostalgic.

Crib: There is a tradition in our family where my grandparents buy the first great-grandchild in each family their crib. Our grandparents love finding sweet ways like this to be involved in exciting moments and it really is so special and something we will always cherish and remember in the years to come and as future babies also use this crib. This is such a weird personal feeling I have, but I think cribs can often times seem a little bit cage-like, which is why I love this one so much. The acrylic makes it so you can see right in and out, with nothing obstructing the view. Our dogs are completely fascinated by it!

Dresserducduc is a furniture brand that specializes in baby and children’s furniture. Each piece is made in the USA (Connecticut, to be exact!) and is carefully handcrafted using the absolute best in terms of materials. The furniture features solid wood frames with low VOC finishes – which is something that was really important to me. Each ducduc piece is made to order and can be completely customized, which is just what we did when designing a personalized version of their Savannah Dresser. Because the mirror hanging above the dresser is a heavier piece in terms of physical presence, I knew I needed a dresser below it that was long enough to balance things out. We were able to work with ducduc on a custom length to make this happen and I’m so glad we did. Since the two bottom drawers were nice and long, I was able to add drawer dividers so that they felt almost like two drawers side by side when you open them. This has helped immensely with organization! Along with these details, I was able to completely customize the paint colors of the piece. The actual dresser is a soft white and the trim on the drawers (though hard to tell in the photos!) is a warmer, creamy white. I love the surprise of pale blue when you open the drawers (which are self-closing so no pinched fingers)! I also wanted a classic, glass knob, which ducduc does not offer on their site, but it was not a problem at all when working with the brand. I had the knobs shipped directly to them so that they could install them at the factory. The entire experience of customizing a dresser with ducduc was honestly amazing and so fun – we couldn’t be happier with how the piece turned out and I know it will be a lasting piece whenever it goes from being used in the nursery to a big kid’s room.

Glider: Bunnies are an obsession for me and I always knew that I wanted to incorporate this Hunt Slonem for Groundworks fabric in the room because I absolutely love Hunt Slonem’s work. The fabric is playful and painterly without seeming too juvenile or babyish – and it may be my favorite part of the room. The actual glider is from Pottery Barn Kids and my mom had a woman in Kansas City make a custom slipcover for it out of the bunny fabric. This way, should an accident happen, we can just take the slipcover off and wash it. The glider and ottoman are super comfy and is the perfect home to the darling Goodnight Moon pillow needle-pointed by our mama. And because I just can’t get enough of those bunnies, the fabric was used again for the window curtains.

Lighting: The chandelier in the room was one used in our younger siblings’ nursery and I love that it is white and somewhat blends in, while also being sweet and whimsical. Our mom had the shades made out of a Pierre Deux fabric that was in our nursery when we were babies . I love that this piece is a hand me down and that we included the blue and white fabric from our nursery – both make it feel extra special and sentimental. I wanted another light source in the room close to the glider but because we don’t have a lot of surface space a floor lamp seemed like the best option. This one from Land of Nod stood out to me when I first saw it in one of their catalogues. The metal frame mimics the brass hardware on the curtains, which I wanted to be sure to repeat in the room without going overboard. I like how unique the floor lamp is and that its more on the contemporary side. I’ve mentioned before how much I love Land of Nod for their great children’s pieces and this lamp is no exception!

Rug: The first rug I ever “owned” was in fact a striped Dash and Albert rug in my dorm room. Ever since then, I have had such a sense of nostalgia for the brand and a love for their durability. Dash and Albert’s original, cotton rugs are classic and timeless and come in an array of color and pattern options. The woven rugs (which is what we used here in the Sweedish Stripe) are 100% cotton which makes them safer for little ones to crawl on versus rugs made out of synthetic materials, especially since babies and children spend so much of their time on the floor! Not only this, but the woven cotton versions are also extremely durable and can stand up to just about anything…ours has been super easy to spot clean when the dogs have tracked mud into the house. We also have a runner in our kitchen from Dash and Albert that is small enough that I can toss it into the washing machine when it gets dirty, which has been a game changer for such a high traffic area! I’m telling you, these rugs wear like iron, which is highly necessary in a child’s room. I love that the Sweedish Stripe version we picked is not only functional, but sweet enough for a nursery.

Wall Color: Benjamin Moore Lilly White

The built in bookshelves were actually original to the house and have been the perfect place to display little gifts we received at our baby showers, frames, animals, and tons of children’s books from my own childhood that our mom had been saving over the years. You can never have too many books!

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Current Vibes

July 5, 2017

A mid-week holiday has completely thrown off my brain's ability to decipher what day of the week it is. But I don't hate it. I feel like we just finished one great, long weekend and are already approaching another. What's not to love about that!? Now if I can just motivate myself to go to the grocery store since we've practically eaten out for every single meal over the past few days and have a nearly empty fridge. (more exciting than the state of my fridge, today's vibes - right this way)

1. PJ MATCHING // TOMMY’S FOLLY x RRR: It’s no secret that we absolutely love all things Roberta Roller Rabbit. Most especially their softer than soft 100% pima cotton PJs. It is our go to baby/child gift for friends and we’ve recently become big (!) fans of the adult jammies as well. Grown ups need soft pajamas, too! Not to mention that there’s nothing better than matching pajamas – am I right? When the most amazing pair of RRR pig PJs showed up on my Instagram middle feed I became intrigued. Tommy’s Folly is a clothing and accessories boutique located inside Congress Hall Hotel in Cape May, New Jersey and their boutique is chock-full of adorable pieces for men, women, and children (lots of pretty pieces on their Instagram page!). Rachel, the buyer and product developer for Congress Hall Hotel, is the creative genius behind the boutique and these amazing, completely custom to the hotel, Roberta Roller Rabbit pajamas. The hotel has a restaurant called “The Blue Pig Tavern“, which is where the inspiration for the jammies came from. Even down to the exact “Blue Pig” blue and the stars which are a symbol of the hotel, the custom design is a true representation of this special place. If you’re as Roberta Roller Rabbit obsessed as we are, or a serious pig lover like Molly is, you can order your own pair from Tommy’s Folly – they ship! They made the PJs in every style, too, just adding to the amazingness of this collab.

2. LISTENING // UP AND VANISHED: Podcasts are my BFFs these days while spending many a minute nursing throughout the day. I mentioned before that I do this to try and limit my time on social media – which is hard! My cousin recommended “Up and Vanished” to me and I just started it this morning. The podcast is about a Georgian high school teacher and former beauty queen who went missing 11 years ago. Her story is the largest case-file in Georgia’s history, which is pretty crazy. These types of stories are right up my alley, so I have a feeling that this one will not disappoint. Stay tuned!

3. CLEANSING // RAHUA: In transitioning my bathroom products over to more natural versions, the hair department was one area that I kept putting off. I was sure that finding a shampoo and conditioner that I loved and that actually worked would be next to impossible. Rahua has completely changed this notion with their classic Shampoo and Conditioner. I love that the shampoo doesn’t leave my hair feeling weighed down by product, which can often be the case since my hair is so fine. The conditioner is easy to work through my very tangled ends and I have no problem brushing through the tangles once out of the shower – the true test when it comes to a conditioner with my hair! Recently, Rahua came out with a color-preserving shampoo and conditioner, which are now high on my list to try. You can also find many of their products on Amazon here.

4. SCOOPING // OV SKORTS: I love, love my Outdoor Voices leggings, but with temperatures here in the 90s and the heat index in the 100s, sometimes they aren’t the most practical choice unless I am strictly wearing them in an air conditioned gym. We try to take an evening walk daily, but even then leggings just feel too warm. After seeing Man Repeller post Outdoor Voices new to me Court Skorts, I’m thinking that I may need to pick one (or two) up for myself. The skorts are not advertised as being strictly for tennis, so I feel like it would be completely acceptable to wear while out and about in this brutal heat, right? I also appreciate that they aren’t too short, which often times seems to be the case with athletic shorts and skirts. Now I just need to get myself out of this air conditioned house to go buy one!

5. PLANNING // TRAVELING WITH BEBE: Recently, The Mama Notes had real moms share 50 Tips for Traveling with Kids and Babies. We leave town two weeks from Saturday to head to the beach with our family and it will be our first time traveling with baby H, which means lots more planning ahead. I loved this list because it was from actual moms who have tried and true travel tips after many trips under their belts. After reading this list, I have quite the “to buy” list going, but I’d rather be well-prepared than not. We’re also flying again in August and for the holidays this winter, so I know that whatever I end up purchasing will definitely be used. Including a SollyBaby Wrap and Packing Cubes (genius!). Also, a change of clothes for each of us as accidents do happen – a lot.

6. LOVING // FRANK & EILEEN TEE SHOP: My friend Rachel and I share a love for longer t-shirts. There is nothing worse than a tee that is practically cropped. Most especially post baby! Recently, when we were together, she showed me her new favorite Frank and Eileen tank and mentioned their “Tee Lab”. As someone who is borderline obsessed with finding the perfect tee, I couldn’t believe I had never heard of this. The Frank and Eileen Tee Lab features all of the brand’s classic, cotton jersey pieces all in one space. I have been desperately needing to clean out my t-shirt drawer and get rid of the tees that I no longer wear that are just taking up precious space in an already jam-packed drawer. Discovering the Tee Lab may just be the motivation I need to make room for a few new pieces. I am particularly loving this tank, this tee, and this dress. All perfect for summer, great for layering, and easy to throw on and go.

7. PERSONALIZING // PARKER & THATCH SWEATSHIRTParker Thatch is most known for adorning classic pieces (canvas totes and the like) with a custom monogram of your choice. Recently, I saw the brand post on Instagram a classic white sweatshirt with three, block-letter initials on the chest. I love a comfy sweatshirt – even in the dead of summer I wear them around our air conditioned house! I also love throwing them in my bag while traveling because you never know when you may need some cozy attire. Its been awhile since I bought myself one of these “nicer” sweatshirts that I like to collect and I’m thinking that I may treat myself to Parker Thatch’s version for my birthday in a few weeks. Just like a white tee, you can’t go wrong with a white sweatshirt and the initials take it up a notch!

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Stripes (No Stars)

July 4, 2017

Happy 4th of July! It's a party in the U.S.A.! I don't have stars for you today but I do have stripes. Fantastic stripes, actually. I'm a BIG fan of everything Everlane has come out with this summer (prepare yourself to see more of their dresses in the coming weeks) and this linen racerback style has become a fast favorite. Not just because the indigo & ivory is Fourth of July appropriate (throw on a red bandana and you've got the complete RW&B combo!) but because it's so light and easy and everyday appropriate. Did I mention that it's under $60? I've worn it so much that I'll probably be scooping up the heather grey version, too.


In substitute of stars (which I am a fan of, BTW), I have embroidered flowers. How precious is this little embellished mini dome pouch from Loeffler Randall?! You might recognize the blooms as the same on the heeled sandals I wore here – and the detailing is one in the same. The embroidered flowers can be found on other woven indigo-dyed pieces in LR’s summer ’17 collection – see and shop all of the denim-hued goodness here!

Hope everyone enjoys celebrating America’s independence (not America’s birthday) today!! And of course…don’t forget that there are TONS of sales and steals that continue through today…see all the discounts (and some of our personal favorites) here.

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This + That // Sales + Steals

June 30, 2017

Happy, happy holiday weekend! This week has flown by - can't believe its already Friday...and a holiday weekend at that. Hope everyone has fun plans for the long weekend! I'm feeling like we need to stock our fridge with beer and fresh watermelon to get in the Fourth of July spirit. Maybe make a flag cake out of berries and homemade whipped cream? Yum. The options are endless! Holiday weekends always mean there are LOTS of sales to be had and this one is no different - don't miss out... (read on to get the sales + steals)

This + That:

Some Sales:

  • Ann Taylor: 50% off everything with code JUSTBEACHY. (Love, love, love thisThis is adorable, too.)
  • Anthropologie: Summer tag sale – now an extra 30% off. (The details and texture of this takes a white off the shoulder top to the next level! This is super cute – if only Dallas wasn’t
  • ASOS: Shop more save more! $50 off when you spend $200 (code FREE50), $70 off when you spend $250 (code FREE70), $100 off when you spend $350 (code FREE100)!
  • Athleta: 100s of new markdowns!
  • Banana Republic: Extra 50% off sale online and in stores. (How am I just now seeing this? The color, the style. Everything.)
  • Barneys New York: Up to 75% off the seasons best designer collections. (Kind of loving the navy/denim version of these. The heel height isn’t too tall either.)
  • BaubleBar: Extra 20% off sale – Fourth of July weekend only! (These would be perfect for the Fourth with a white dress.)
  • Bloomingdales: Save 25-50% select items. (Love the zig zag details on these.)
  • Bluemercury: In stores an online – free summer travel essentials with any $150+ purchase with code TRAVEL.
  • BURU: Firecracker sale – 40% off select items through 7/5. Use code FIRECRACKER. (Obsessed with the colors in this.)
  • Calypso St. Barth: Enjoy an extra 50% off sale. (I’m on the hunt for a white dress – this one is pretty cute.)
  • CB2: 5 big weekends sales!
  • Chicwish: Enjoy an extra 10% off orders over $50 with code JUL10. (This is precious. Can’t resist eyelet.)
  • Club Monaco: Take an additional 30% off sale styles. (Generally not a romper girl, but its sounding pretty appealing in this heat!)
  • Crate & Barrel: 40% off select outdoor entertaining. (We could use a set of these!)
  • Furbish Studio: This weekend get 20% off everything with code OHHIJULY!
  • Gap: 40% off your purchase with code JULY. (I just ordered this in every color after seeing it in grey on a friend the other day. The perfect t-shirt dress!)
  • H&M: Summer sale! Deals from $4. (This is so cute on the model!)
  • HATCH: Shop 20% off summer and 20% off sale with code SIGN20. (This in the white is screaming my name. I also love the shoulder ties which make it nursing friendly, which is a plus these days!)
  • Hudson Way: Fourth of July sale! Take an additional 20% off sale with code EXTRA20. (Loving this. I have the these in blue, but now I think I may need the white!)
  • Intermix: The ultimate summer clearance! Receive up to $200 off sale items. (The sleeve detail on this is so pretty.)
  • J.Crew: In stores and online – extra 40% off sale with code SUMMER! (My workout tops are in need of a major clean out. The style and price of these are right up my alley. Molly and I saw these in the store last weekend and instantly wished we were tennis players. Beyond adorable. Ordered this to wear with bathing suits and tanks on our beach trip in a few weeks! )
  • J.Crew Factory: In stores and online – 50% off everything with code FOURTHEFUN! (This looks pretty promising. Love both color ways. Ordering this because its perfect for Dallas and nursing friendly. Would also be a cute coverup!)
  • kate spade new york: Enjoy a luggage tag with your full priced purchase of $200 or more from the travel shop! Enjoy an extra 30% off sale styles with code SUNNY. (In love with the fuller sleeve and tassel detail on this easy dress!)
  • Loeffler Randall: 50% off final sale! (Have been eyeing these in silver for awhile now – they would go with pretty much everything!)
  • LOFT: 50% off everything with code SPARKLER! (This would be super cute with jeans or jean shorts for the Fourth if you’re going to be in a cooler climate!
  • Lou & Grey: 30% off a purchase of $150+! (These are everything and more.)
  • The Loveliest: Holiday weekend sale! 30% off your entire order with code HAPPY4TH! (We’ve been eyeing these coasters for quite some time now! The neon trim is even more amazing in person. They also have the BEST candles. This is my favorite!)
  • Lulu Frost: Enjoy 20% off site wide including fine jewelry and zodiacs with code FIREWORKS20. (Still obsessed with the entire zodiac collection.)
  • Lulu & Georgia: Semi-annual warehouse sale! Take up to 70% off your purchase! Prices as marked.
  • Madewell: Up to 40% off warm weather shoes and sandals. (Love these in the red!)
  • Mango: Sale – up to 50% off! (Kicking myself for not ordering this for the upcoming holiday. Have been eyeing it for awhile now!)
  • Mignonne Gavigan: New items on sale!!
  • Neiman Marcus: Biggest sale of the season – up to 70% off regular prices! (This looks super flattering – I love the blue color)
  • Net-A-Porter: Clearance! (This is such a good price and amazing.)
  • Old Navy: Entire store on sale! Up to 60% off. (Just ordered this in a few colors – I’ve decided that cotton dresses like these are most practical and comfortable for this time of year!
  • Rag & Bone: Extra 30% off sale! Use code JUNESALE17. (Been dying to get into our local store to try these on! I’ve heard good things.)
  • Rebecca Taylor: Take 40% off sale with code JULYSURPRISE. (SO many good things. This may be my favorite.)
  • Serena and Lily: Summer celebration – enjoy 20% off everything with code HAPPY4TH. (Always in awe of their art collection!)
  • Shopbop: New styles added to sale – up to 70% off!! (As I’m trying to streamline my closet – I love the simplicity of this. A pretty take on a white topThis is pretty much killing me. Would pair it with jeans for our flight next month because I am always freezing on the plane!)
  • Steve Madden: For a limited time – 25% off with free shipping with code FIREWORKS. (These are for pre-order and I have a feeling they’ll go fast!)
  • Stuart Weitzman: The sale – new styles added! Fresh picks at up to 50% off. (Such a pretty wedge!)
  • TIBI: Further reductions + new styles added to sale! (LOVE this in the white. Obviously.)
  • Tory Burch: Semi-annual sale! Additional 30% off sale styles with code EXTRA30. (This style is amazing and timeless. This top is SO cute for the Fourth and all summer long!)
  • Tory Sport: Additional 30% off sale styles!
  • Tuckernuck: Summer sale! (Light blue + eyelet = yes please.)
  • Vince: Take an additional 25% off sale with code SUMMER25. (The perfect tee!)
  • West Elm: Extra 20% off markdowns with code SUMMER20. (Love this cute outdoor dining set. We could use something like this on our front porch!)

Some Steals:

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Seersucker Skirt + Crop

June 29, 2017

I have this friend who is the queen of crop-tops and skirts. When I think crop-tops my mind usually goes to "hot girls looking hot" on Instagram, a very tight crop and a lot of midriff showing. But my friend, Hannah, doesn't do crops this way...the ones she favors are feminine, structured, lose in the right places and she pairs them with high waisted skirts, jeans, and shorts for just the right amount of skin revealed. Every time I see her in one of these signature looks I think, "I wanna do that." And here you have my attempt. A matching skirt and crop seemed like the easiest way to dip my toe into the pool that is crop-tops.


I’ve got a torso that’s on the longer side – which means that crop-tops aren’t always going to work on me. But they totally work with high-waisted skirts! Even better if said skirt and top are matching (making them a styling no brainer). I love how summery the pale lilac and white seersucker fabric is in this duo…seersucker (especially in this color combo) is more girly and preppy than I usually go for but it’s perfect for this season and a nice way to make the little bit of skin shown more sweet than sultry.

Incase you’re feeling the look of my skirt and crop set, here are some more paired pieces to love:

  • Not your average stripes on this set
  • Couldn’t believe that this set is Forever21…the detail is awesome and it’s not too young or aggressively risqué
  • This set is dressy (and modest) enough to wear for a wedding
  • Obsessed with the slightly retro vibe of this black and white mini dot set
  • This is a great casual set – adore the smocking and heathered grey (good price, too!)
  • More black and white but in stripes and more structure here
  • This set has the most incredible gingham color combo happening
  • If you’re wanting the perfect summer print, this skirt and top are ideal!
  • Loving the cut-out pattern on this set and the maxi skirt length
  • This has a tighter top but I love it with the maxi skirt and abstract gingham print
  • Ok, its short and not a skirt on this set, but the ruffles are too cute and I love the white
  • This Zara set is on sale and super adorable
  • Love how this set has a lace overlay (looks like Self Portrait!) that totally keeps the midriff covered
  • This skirt and top are sold separately (but they’re both on sale!) and I love the linen
  • This set is another Self Portrait look-alike

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