A Fresh View for Spring

May 11, 2017

This post is sponsored by Maui Jim and SheKnows Media

The whole "April showers bring May flowers" is definitely true for Dallas. It feels like the past month was one with lots of rain...but May has brought warmer weather and the sun is starting to peek out more often than not, which means the flowers are blooming like crazy. It also means that sporting sunglasses is a daily must-have. Lately, I've been styling three new pairs of Maui Jim sunnies -  each with different lens and frame colors - and I have to say, the lenses are as premium as they come. To give you an idea of what makes the quality so great, I thought I'd do a little show, style and tell with each style!

In case you’re new to the Maui Jim brand, let me tell you that they’re considered the ultimate when it comes to premium sunglass lenses. They don’t just look pretty and feel comfortable…each pair of sunnies has PolarizedPlus2® technology – an essential in so many ways. First of all, your eyes need as much protection as your skin when in the sun and Maui Jim’s polarized technology eliminates 100% of the harmful UV rays while also protecting your eyes from other stresses. When you think “polarized lenses” you probably immediately think “no glare.” This is of course true for PolarizedPlus2 – they wipe out 99.9% of glare – but the patented lens process is the most advanced in the industry, making them even better for taking in color and detail. Speaking of color, Maui Jim offers four lens colors – all of which offer different value for various conditions (I’ll talk more about that below) and none of the lenses “darken the view” – the PolarizedPlus2 allows colors to become even more vibrant with a higher level of contrast and greater depth perception. And finally, Maui Jim has made sunglasses that are of the highest quality and designed to be worn every day. The PolarizedPlus2 lenses make them even more durable.

So now that you know how fantastic Maui Jim is in general, let me take you through the styles I’m wearing and what makes each of the lenses different…

Sunshine  •  Frame: Marsala with Tokyo Tortoise // Lens: HCL® Bronze

  • I love tortoise shell sunglasses…next to aviators, they’re my favorite. The warm, speckled frame seems to look good on pretty much everyone.
  • To compliment the tort frame, the lenses on this Sunshine pair is HCL Bronze, which means it’s “High Contrast Lens.” The warm tint is good for changing conditions (full sun to overcast) and is considered the best to wear for everyday use. I especially love how though the frames are more of an oversized style, they’re super lightweight thanks to the SuperThin Glass used for the lenses.

Sweet Leilani  •  Frame: Mauve Matte Rubber // Lens: Maui Rose®

  • Picking a colored frame was risky business for me but I couldn’t pass up this deep mauve-hue. I had a hunch that though they’re colored, they’d wear like a neutral and I was right.
  • As someone prone to dropping her iPhone, keys, and sunglasses like it’s nobodies business, I’m loving that these frames are a rubber and feel less precious. Lucky for me, the pretty lenses on these are made with the SuperThin Glass – making them the lease susceptible to scratches. And though the glass is a very pretty hue, the Maui Rose tint is just as much about form as it is function…it’s the tint with the highest available contrast and great for fast moving sports. Now, if only eating nachos could be considered a sport…

Coco Palms  •  Frame: Gloss Black // Lens: Neutral Grey

  • I like to joke that sunglasses are a blogger’s security blanket (amIright?!) and as soon as I slipped this style on I felt like I was invisible, but in a good kind of way. They have a modern movie star quality and I love styling with some of my more feminine pieces.
  • I was curious as to see if colors would look more muted while wearing the Neutral Grey lenses (I guess my brain figured a grey tint would lead to a grey-colored world?) but the grey tint actually offers the highest light reduction while maintaining the richest colors and sharpest contrast. The MauiPure® glass isn’t as light weight as the other two pairs I have but they don’t feel heavy on my face (at all) and I love knowing that this glass type is the most shatter resistance.

You can shop all the styles Maui Jim has to offer right here! There are so many styles to choose from (and I should note that each pair I’m wearing comes in additional frame and lenses color options) that I found it easiest to sort by gender and go from there. But, you can also narrow down by frame style and color, lens color and size, fit, and even frame and lens materials. Being the aviator fan that I am, I now have my heart set on the Honomanu style….

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Current Vibes

May 10, 2017

It's kind of a gloomy day in Dallas and yesterday was about the same - so I feel like the brightness of today's vibes are giving me a little bit of a pick me up! If you haven't scooped something up for Mother's Day (it's this Sunday, le duh) maybe some of what you see will inspire you in the gifting department. And don't forget, if you want to order pieces from MacKenzie Child's Taylor Collection you have until May 14th to get your order in...if my mama and the love she has for her personal collection is any indication, it will make for a wonderful present! (mmmmk now get on to those vibes!)

1. COLLAB LOVING // COACH & RODARTE: Can’t remember where I first learned about the COACH & Rodarte collaboration but the limited edition capsule collection totally caught my attention. The embellished pieces – bags and ready-to-wear clothing – are so gorgeous and dimensional…they definitely capture the classic spirit of COACH and the innovative avant garde of Rodarte. Both brands looked to each other’s heritage to blend aspects of both. The most notable part of the collection (at least in my option) is the sequin detailing (a key part of Rodarte’s embellishment) reimagined in metallic leather (to keep with COACH’s leather heritage). The pieces are selling out but I’m dying to get my hands on one of the bags before they’re all gone…the quality and craftsmanship looks insane! I’m really loving the pale pink bags (this one!) with neutral metallic sequining, but the whipstitch eyelet pieces are so dreamy (hello, this dress) and I love the bags, sweaters, sweatshirts (love this), and tees printed with archival COACH ads from the 1970s.

2. WATERCOLORING // SPLASH OF COLOR: If you haven’t heard, adult coloring books are one of the latest crafting crazes. And they’re wonderful because 1) you can find some super beautiful books with black and white line drawings just begging to be filled with color, and 2) you don’t have to be crafty to color inside the lines (or outside the lines). I have a couple coloring books that I whip out from time to time for a little zen zoning out action (it’s seriously therapeutic) but the latest book I just added to my collection is “Splash of Color” by illustrator extraordinaire Liz Libré of Linda & Harriett. Done with Liz’s distinctive and bold hand-drawn style, the removable watercolor paper pages come with a backing board to make coloring or painting easy to do anywhere. I highly suggest getting the the set of 10 L&H designed Watercolor Pencils to use on the book…they can be be used wet or dry – working like regular colored pencils alone or then brushed over with water to blend into watercolor effects. Seriously so fun to watch the pages come to life!

3. SUPPORTING MOMS // SACHIN & BABI x SICKKIDS FOUNDATION: Raise your hand if you love Sachin & Babi and really swoon for their hand-beaded earrings? Okay, put those hands down. I right there with you. The brand does some insanely beautiful clothing but the “Grapes” and “Coconut” earrings are instant outfit makers and I’ve always coveted a pair for myself (as has Sally). Well, the husband and wife team has always been active in charitable causes and after learning recently about the SickKids Foundation – an organization dedicated to supporting mothers with chronically ill children – they were so moved by these women’s stories that the brand immediately wanted to find a way to help the foundation. In honor of Mother’s Day and to celebrate the strength of the mother’s of SickKids, 20% of all earrings sold on the Sachin & Babi site between May 1st and May 14th will be donated to the charity. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to pull a trigger on a pair of Grapes or Coconuts for yourself (or for your mama!), I highly suggest making that time now. I got my own pair of Coconuts in Rose and could not be more in love with them…makes me feel happy knowing that part of the splurge went to such a wonderful cause!

4. EYEING // HAND-PAINTED LEATHER: Our friends at The Loveliest are so full of talent, we weren’t all that surprised when they debuted hand-painted leather clutches. Made with love by the team that already has us swooning for their wonderful embroidered color combinations and heirloom-quality goods, the leather clutches are all cut, stitched, and painted by hand in Dallas. I’ve seen them in person and can tell you they’re even more awesome up close and personal. The flat design is perfect for an iPhone, few cards, and a little lip gloss for a night out or as a makeshift wallet in your tote, I’m obsessed with the combination of 100% vegetable tan leather and pretty painted colors. Get one while their in stock…I have a feeling they are going to start selling out!

5. BUYING // BOOKS: I’m slightly ashamed to say that while I’ve been on a back-t0-back book reading kick, I managed to not even start the book I was supposed to finish by today for a book club meeting. The shame! I still plan on reading the club pick (“A Gentelman in Moscow” by Amor Towels) because it sounds amazing but I’ve added another book to my iPad – “The Night She Won Miss America” – thanks to seeing it on Luella & June (Bradley always has the best book recommendations!) and just scooped up Assouline’s coffee table book “Flowers, Art and Bouquets” after seeing it displayed in Sally’s house (y’all the pages are so insanely gorgeous they have to be turned daily when propped open in this acrylic stand). Excited to have  two good novels to read and one beautiful coffee table book to enjoy…

6. DOWNLOADING // WEEKNIGHT SOCIETY: True life confession: I am horrible at cooking for myself. I say it’s because cooking for one sucks (which is kind of true, right?) but really, I think I’m just lazy and uninspired. Meal planning and making a grocery list for a week of meals feels daunting. It’s for these reasons that I was so excited to learn about Weeknight Society. The app is the brainchild of lifestyle expert and working mom of three Alexandra Hedin, and she created Weeknight Society for busy parents who, like her, wanted to create easy, healthy meals for their families. I might not be a mom but I still think the app is genius because every Saturday, weekly menus are uploaded to the custom app, complete with step by step photography and an aggregate grocery list (which allows you to check off items as you shop). Each recipe contains seasonal ingredients found at a local farmer’s market or grocer, so you can take advantage of the freshest flavors of the season. No more searching for recipes, or organizing a grocery list, or forgetting things and needing to make multiple runs to the store. The $3.99 per month app promises to get you from prep to plate in 35 minutes or less (!) and every recipe I’ve seen so far looks both delicious and easy to make. I’m starting my first month with the app on Sunday and can’t wait to finally cook consecutive meals for myself!

7. OBSESSING // PATRICIA’S COUTURE: If you watch Bravo’s Southern Charm then you already know about the fabulousness that is Patricia Altschul. And if regularly tune into Watch What Happens Live you may already know about her line of caftans, Patricia’s Couture. The southern socialite was on Andy’s show the other week (watch full episode here) wearing a bold silk caftan (her go-to ensemble of choice) covered in…pug faces. But not just any pug, but her personal pup Chauncey. Of course I was tickled to learn that Patricia’s custom creation could be made with the photo of any beloved pet via her Couture line. The description on the site: “Delicately hand-crafted crystal and pearl embellishments add glamour and sophistication to this flowing custom printed caftan inspired by YOUR pet. Chic, refined AND versatile, this caftan can be worn from the beach to a barbecue to a cocktail party or black tie event.” Can you even? Be honest, do I need one for Blue and Rosie?! Don’t worry, the pet pajamas (like the pair she gifted Andy) will be available soon…

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Just Caftaning

May 9, 2017

You feel that? It's caftan season. Getting to host the MIRTH Caftan pop-up trunk show at the Dallas Sabah House last week officially kicked off the back-to-back caftan wearing for me and I celebrated by wearing some of my favorite MIRTH styles on repeat and day after day. Literally, I wore the one you see here last week and then sported this classic style two days in a row (and I'm not mad about it). My favorite part of the trunk show - besides getting to hang with Katie and Erin - was having them explain to a male visitor what a "caftan" is. Sweet guy, he kept calling them "cat-hens" but he was very impressed by the offerings and openly jealous that MIRTH didn't have any mens styles. For anyone else scratching their heads, just know that a caftan (or kaftan) is a style of dress with a robe or tunic feel. Think light, flowy, non-constrictive, and loose. MIRTH puts their own spin on their styles so that they are loose but ultra flattering.


The caftan I have on here is called the Zermatt and it was part of the Resort 2017 collection. Sadly it’s sold out in the the handwoven dot on MIRTH’s site but you can still find it online here! And the good news is, the Spring 2017 collection has a Zermatt style in the most beautiful block print (get it here and here).

More good news: MIRTH is offering a great discount in honor of Mother’s Day! Use the code “LOVEMOM20” to get 20% off purchases on their site between now and Friday!

Side note: I’ve been watching Harry Styles perform on The Today Show while typing this post and I’m officially a fan (of him, not the squealing girls in the crowd). “Sign Of The Times” = so good.

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This + That // Sales + Steals

May 5, 2017

Happy Cinco de Mayo and happy Friday, peeps! Texans love to celebrate today...a great excuse to drink margaritas and chow down on queso. Make no mistake, I'll be partaking in both actives. If you're in Dallas and wanting to feel festive I suggest hitting up Mi Golondrina...Cristina is having a fiesta at her showroom complete with mariachis, margs, and some wonderful guests! The party starts at 5:00pm so I'll see ya there!! (read on to get the sales + steals)

This + That:

Some Sales:

  • Ann Taylor: 30% off full priced dresses, skirts and more with code WEARNOW and extra 40% off sale styles! (Seriously such good stuff…the colors in this color block skirt are amaze, I LOVE these wedges, this black and white off-the-shoulder dress looks so chic, and this stripe flare skirt is perfect for a white tee)
  • Anthropologie: Extra 30% off all sale items! (The price on this sweet lace-trimmed cami is amazing, if you love stripes this shirt dress is for you, and this jacket is a great spring staple)
  • ASOS: Get up to 60% off occasion wear…beautiful selections for all those spring/summer weddings and soirees! (Can’t get over the color and cut of this beauty!)
  • Athleta: Refer a friend and get 20% off!
  • Banana Republic: Get 30% off your purchase! (Amazing new arrivals…loving this tank (great clean structure!) this off the shoulder number and this dress)
  • Barneys New York: Up to 50% off select designer collections for women, men and kids – shop here! (The price on this white skirt is so good!)
  • Bloomingdales: The one day home sale starts tomorrow (Saturday) with the preview up today! Save 20-60% on select items for the home…shop right this way!
  • CB2: Get up to 20% off select outdoor furniture
  • Club Monaco: Get 20% off your next purchase when you refer a friend – details here!
    Crate & Barrel: Outdoor furniture is up to 30% off! Great pieces for all your spring/summer outdoor needs!!
  • CUSP: Get up to 40% off the first sale markdowns of the season! (This comes in two colors and it’s got great proportions, and how fun is this cross body for the warm weather season?)
  • domino: 10% off Mother’s Day Collection! (If you haven’t shopped for mom yet, this is a great spot to find something special…)
  • Gap: 40% off your purchase TODAY only!!! (So many favorites right now – this braided halter tank, this lace-up sleeveless sweater, this dress (stripes!) and this lace detailed peplum top – just to list a few)
  • H&M: Deal of the day – take $5 off over 500 styles! (This $12 off the shoulder is a no-brainer buy)
  • J.Crew: Get 25% off select tees, shorts, swim, sunglasses and more AND get an extra 30% off sale styles! Use code HELLOSUMMER – good till May 7th. (In my cart: this pom pom trimmed tank, this pom pom sweatshirt, and this bodysuit in pale pink)
  • J.Crew Factory: Up to 60% off everything! (Don’t miss out on getting this discount on the new arrivals!! This dress was at J.Crew last season and it’s so good, I love this pom pom tunic for a cover-up, and the color section of this scallop tank are all amazing)
  • LOFT: “Put it all together” 30% off sale of dressescardigans, and accessories! Shop the categories of full-priced items to create the perfect outfit. Plus 50% off all sale items! (This t-shirt dress has my name all over it)
  • Lou & Grey: Take 20% off “brands we love”! (Such good apothecary items and jewelry perfect for Mother’s Day! Sally has this balm and LOVES it and I’m eyeing this scalloped cuff…)
  • The Loveliest: Our fave embroidery and home shop is having a birthday sale! Get 25% off your purchase with code HAPPY till May 7th!
  • Lulu & Georgia: Get free shipping on select items!
  • Neiman Marcus: Friends & Family Sale! Get 25% off any regular priced purchase with code NMFRIEND! (Hurry, this awesome offer ends tomorrow 5/6 at 10pm CST)
  • Nordstrom: Earn tripple points on purchase from now till May 7th! (More details here!)
  • Old Navy: All kids and baby is on sale! And all women’s dresses, tops, and pants are on sale up to 50% off! (This is seriously one of my all-time fave casual dress silhouettes, I love the cut of this dress, and if you’re wanting to try the one-shoulder trend these are a great price!)
  • Saks: The “Sneak Peak Sale” ends 5/7! Get up to 40% off select sale styles… (Too many favorites to list but this white number caught my eye!)
  • Serena and Lily: Get up to 30% off lighting! (Obsessed with the textured “bump” base of this guy)
  • Steve Madden: Free shipping on orders over $50 with code SMFREE50 – and – 20% off orders up $100, ad 30% off orders over $100 with code SUMMER!!!
  • Stuart Weitzman: 30% off summer essentials for a limited time! (These flats are darling)
  • The Outnet: Up to 40% off Iris & Ink pieces (Loving the side-tie detail on this sweater and the color and cut of this silk slip dress!)
  • West Elm: First time ever…get FREE shipping on everyday values (including furniture) with code BIGDEAL! Shop selection here!
  • Williams Sonoma: Semi annual sale, get up to 50% off cookware

Some Steals:

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Harbour Stripes

May 4, 2017

Who knew I would be so into stripes while pregnant? I really didn't have any idea what I would wear these 40 weeks, what I would feel comfortable in or gravitate towards - but soft pieces with more of an A-line silhouette or drapey construction seem to be my vibe. And jeans. And stripes. Lots of stripes. This dress is basically the longer, short-sleeved, and ruffle hem version of this top I posted back in February. I totally fell for the top because it was such an elevated basic (and really lives up to it's name of being a  date night go-to) and when I met The Harbour Dress while HATCH was popping-up in Dallas last month I knew I needed to scoop it up for my last few weeks with a bump.


The best part about this dress is that it’s super soft and ridiculous comfortable but looks kinds of fancy. And it has stripes. And this belly seems to love stripes.


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